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Radioshow @ Fnoob - Techno Radio

We are on air since beginning of 1998.....continously every week, with an 2 hours - show (DJ- Radio).

We've started on friday nights, broadcasting from "OK - Bremen" (UKW 92,5), with the show "Kanal Fatal", with moderator and DJ Axel Lüers aka Voodoopriester.

After a while, we changed to sunday afternoon. 

'Cause of technical problems, we decided to quit the show on "OK - Bremen", and went to "Fnoob - Techno Radio", where the show is still running, every 2 weeks on sunday afternoon, for 2 hours.

Of this, we changed the name of the show to "Voodoo - Ritual".

Next show, you'll find here: NEWS

Anker Voodoo - Ritual

Voodoo - Ritual Shows on Soundcloud

Here you can find all passed shows. All files are mastered and free for download!

Voodoo - Ritual Shows on soundcloud

Enter "Fnoob - Techno Radio", to listen to pure underground - techno; 24 hours / 365 days  -- non stop -- !!!

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