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Here you'll find  the Bio, and forwarding links to his work...

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Axel Lüers a.k.a. Voodoopriester, living in Bremen/ Germany, started with Techno in 1995, after visiting first time the "E- Werk"- Berlin.

First release was in 1997, on his own label "Voodoomania Art & Sound", on the CD "Voodoobeats - Bremen Underground Compilation".

More releases followed on "Voodoomania", and other labels.

First success he got with the track "12-99", released 31.12.1999 on Vinyl "Voodoomania 005". "
Axel Wirtz" (A & R - Superstition / Hamburg) ranged this track on #2 in his DJ – Charts.

Releases, together with "Michael Lambart" from "Northbeatz - Audio" ( "Lüers & Lambart" and "Drumkombinat") on Vinyl followed.

In 1998 "Voodoomania" started organizing events. 
First "Voodoobeats 1 + 2", after "Voodooculture" and "Aquarius".

1998 was the start of the radioshow "Kanal Fatal". 
1999 the show was broadcasting on "EvoSonic"- Munich, too. 
The show is still over 18 years;

In 1998 Axel started his work as Live- PA. 
In 2001 he started as DJ, too.

2006 Axel reduced his work, 'cause of the upcoming boring minimal- epidemic. 
2009 was the year to rebirth Underground Techno in Bremen again. 
The "Voodooculture" was reborn, and also his work as a DJ.

In August 2012 he started producing again.
More than 200 tracks/remixes were released until now in this period. 


Highlights were: 
- 4- track ep, released on "Capital Techno Records" (Austin / Texas) 
- 2 tracks released on "Renesanz Records" (Sofia / Bulgary), 
- winning the "Darker Sounds"- Remix contest (one of the 4 winners).
- The track „Kleiner Stinker“ was charted to #1 in the DJ- charts of „Marika Rossa“
- 4- track ep, released on „Sound Of Techno Records“

- 10- track LP, together with "Berri & Wald", released on "Beast Factory"

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